My new babies!!

15 Feb

DSCN0031I received my new camera dark red by the way, kind of glamour 😛  Woohoo!!! No really, he’s awesome. I can start to put some pictures 😛

And I received three cds from my new favorite (I don’t have a lot) Olly Murs!! Most people know him by his song featuring Flo Rida “Troublemaker” and I’m one of them. I decided to listen his other songs and with 3 albums, I spent a lot of time but I just loved it. So I went on Amazon but the french website (remenber I’m french^^) and … NOTHING!… no sorry, his last album the simple edition but for 41 euros, it’s probably $60 or £35, I mean I don’t even pay that for BIGBANG (Korean group). So I decided to buy on the UK website and I found all of them for a price that I wanted to. And here they are!! It’s just a really good moment that you can spend with those albums.

If you like Troublemaker, just go on Amazon or other Cd’s sellers and BUY IT

And just a little picture of my cat Bouba, like the japanese manga:



Thanks for reading me!!


About B’s

14 Feb

Well, me

My name is Bella and I’m not an American native or citizen neither, but you’ll see that xD.

I’m french and I’ll be a International business student in January in US. Wish me luck for my interview ^^

I don’t know why I create a blog but you know sometimes it feel good to write, I had many blogs before about Korean and Japan culture, fashion and music, and finally about my life as an Aupair.

I dont’ really give details like my age ( because I don’t really like it ^^), or my favorite music or things like that. You’ll know me through my blog.