My new babies!!

15 Feb

DSCN0031I received my new camera dark red by the way, kind of glamour 😛  Woohoo!!! No really, he’s awesome. I can start to put some pictures 😛

And I received three cds from my new favorite (I don’t have a lot) Olly Murs!! Most people know him by his song featuring Flo Rida “Troublemaker” and I’m one of them. I decided to listen his other songs and with 3 albums, I spent a lot of time but I just loved it. So I went on Amazon but the french website (remenber I’m french^^) and … NOTHING!… no sorry, his last album the simple edition but for 41 euros, it’s probably $60 or £35, I mean I don’t even pay that for BIGBANG (Korean group). So I decided to buy on the UK website and I found all of them for a price that I wanted to. And here they are!! It’s just a really good moment that you can spend with those albums.

If you like Troublemaker, just go on Amazon or other Cd’s sellers and BUY IT

And just a little picture of my cat Bouba, like the japanese manga:



Thanks for reading me!!


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